Where the earth touches you


Star Dance is a majestic 38 acres of High Desert in North Eastern New Mexico, which serves as a ceremonial ground for WhiteEagle Woman and the spiritual way that she carries.  Star Dance is open to all who want to be touched by the magic of the Mother Earth and who are doing work to bring healing to our sacred hoop.  The land encompasses a valley and a canyon with a river running through it. It has been the home of the animal nation, the bird tribes and the plant nation for thousands of years. Uninhabited by humans until recently, it has always been known as the valley without war. Five tribes, living in the surrounding areas, used this valley to source the chert required for tool-making. As this area was unique in providing the valuable rock, all tribes recognized the importance of being able to move through it in peace. 

Today Pinon and Juniper trees dot the landscape, and the grasses are beginning to grow back. In the Spring the earth is blanketed with flowers of all varieties. As the land regenerates it is watched over by Pedernal, a giant mesa carved out of a volcanic explosion that sent flying rocks miles into the air, some of which have landed on Star Dance.  It is a land of fire, earth, air and water, a land where you can touch the elemental forces that make up the world in which you live. 


Stay at Star dance


This Amazing land opens to those who come.  Our invitation is that you bring yourself, your family or your circle to rest and reflect. Restore your Spirit, Body, Emotion and HeartMind, and take some time to reconnect with the truth of who you are.



Coyote Casitas

Adobe Style Dormitory and private room.

Spaces have full baths, kitchens, heated floors and kiva fire places. Enjoy their beauty and feel the serenity of staying on the land.

Sleeping Yurt

Rustic Yurt Dormitory

Stay close to nature as you sleep in the yurt dormitory. 



Sleep Under the stars

Connect deeply with mother earth and see how star dance got it's namesake as you bask in the light of the stars.

Multi Purpose Yurt

Share meals or host Yoga Sessions

A yurt is available as a space to meet, share a meal, or guide yoga sessions.

How to Get Here


Star Dance is located in the Piedra Lumbre area near Abiquiu Lake in the Rio Arriba County of New Mexico.

The nearest international airport is Albuquerque International Sunport. The drive from Albuquerque to Star Dance takes 2 to 3 hours. For a shorter drive you can also fly into Santa Fe Municipal Airport, the drive from which takes only 90 minutes.

Transportation to and from the airport can be arranged through White Buffalo Specialty Shuttle Services.



Alex - USA 

I have been to many retreats at Star Dance.  The raw beauty and nature of land blows me wide open.  The land has a certain magic in the way that it teaches you and guides you.  I am forever transformed by the times I have spent on the land.

Accalia - England

When I first laid eyes upon the land at Star Dance, I knew I had returned home. Home to the Mother Earth, home to a place where I am opened to the Magic of the dance of the fire and the earth, the air and the water. I can feel the vibrancy of the colours, listen to the echoes of all who have walked and cherished this land, remember my connection to all of Life. Here I can strip myself of all concerns and simply be with the Beauty, the Stillness and dream. The land touches me and I am transformed.

Reiko - Japan

The Mother the Earth, always gently open my mind and leading me to the truth inside of my spirit.
The Wind delivers my pray to the planet, speak to me what in out there.
The Water moves my emotion, and purifies the grief inside of my soul.
The Fire gets my passion and reach to the sky. And the Earth is always there for me no matter who I am.
Miracles happen in Star Dance is simple but essential, complex but the truth of universe.
Every time I reborn with new spirit.